Nigerian-Born Teen Gets Accepted To All Eight Ivy League Schools

04.07.15 3 years ago 30 Comments

With exams in a few weeks, it’s only natural to start feeling sorry for ourselves. After a winter season or semester of delaying important errands (from studying to buying Plan B for that other girl), soon we’ll have to clean up our empty bottles and call Harold Ekeh from Long Island, NY for some advice.

At only 17, the Nigerian-born wiz kid was just accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. So while his peers struggled to gain acceptance into their top three dream school choices, Harold found a way to get into every one of the top universities in his adopted country.

At 17, Ekeh has earned more than what most Americans can dream about: unanimous acceptance letters in the mailbox and a 100.5% GPA. Did we say 100.5%? That isn’t a typo – the kid found a way to achieve over 100% on his GPAs. Anyone familiar with Nigerian parents can attest that pressure and a pinch of motivation can go a long way in commanding offspring to study hard and become doctors and lawyers. As a traffic officer with the NYPD, his father clearly knew how to motivate the young lad and as a result, a bright future lies ahead.

When grades come back and summer is in full swing in a few weeks, we’ll pull those crumpled, Jameson-covered receipts from our pockets and remember all of the time wasted chasing tail before last call. Harry, on the other hand, will still be busy figuring out how to solve Alzheimer’s. Salute, Mr. Ekeh. If only we could figure out how to make news like this everyday.

(via Hip Hop Wired)

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