‘Nightline’ Did A Feature On The Absolute Worst Things About ‘Sneakerheads’

06.14.13 5 years ago 49 Comments

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Pic: Darren Rovell

When it was announced that Darren Rovell would be doing a feature on sneaker culture, the immediate response was that an outsider like him would botch it. I’m not sure if this was his intention or not, but Rovell highlighted only the worst aspects of sneaker culture. Let’s recap:

1. People who bum rush malls and riot of shoes.
2. People who kill over shoes.
3. Spoiled little twerp-y loser kids whose parents can’t tell them to get off the f*cking computer long enough to do homework.
4. Entourage.

The feature follows Alex, a teenager in New Jersey who flips shoes and spends thousands on kicks at sneaker conventions. Basically, he’s the enemy. Kids like Alex are the ones on the other end of the computer screen hitting “add to cart” with the intention of trading and using their mounds of bratty disposable income to drive the price points and demand as high as usually possible. While the rest of us who actually like the shoes are stuck eyeing eBay pages of prices we’ll never want to come close to*.

Not once in the entire eight-minute clip does anyone say anything about actually liking the shoes. Nobody talks about memories attached to shoes. Nobody talks about the shoe quality. Everyone just trades shoes like they’re pieces of damn land. And these are the people mainstream America just saw as the “sneaker culture.”

Congratulations, sneakerheads. You’re all d*ckheads now.

* — So I may still be bitter about the Mambacurials. Shut up.

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