RoboCop’ed: Nike Air Huarache Light ‘Atomic Mango’

07.10.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

The days of quickstrikes in the kicks world has been lost for a while now. The proliferation of information out and the number of people willing to leak the info makes keeping a release secret. However, Nike and UK retailer size? have managed to pull off one of the better surprises in years with the Nike Air Huarache Light ‘Atomic Mango.’

The shoe is a beautiful progression piece that combines seldom used elements from the Huarache lineage to generate a new look. The color scheme comes from the long forgotten Huarache Racer OG from ’94 and an unreleased version of the Huarache Burst made in 2005 but never seeing the light of day. The 2014 version uses the Huarache Light design, included the sole and not the Free version seen on the last Huarache Light-lookalikes. I’m sure some purists will find a way to down-talk them as not having minute details related to the original Lights but we’ve missed true Lights for so long I shall not complain one bit*.

Just in time to catch a few more summer wears, the new Atomic Mango Lights have already begun releasing in size? shops for in-store purchase. They’ll be up for online purchase come Friday at 8am BST online (3AM EST), priced at £90 (approximately $155 USD) and will be available in UK sizes 5.5 – 13. Currently, there’s no word on if others will carry them or they’ll be a size? exclusive. In other words, those inclined may want to make arrangements to snag now or cry later.

Now, let us pray this means the OG ‘Ultramarine’ Lights might show up on a release sheet soon. Or as a quickstrike, which would suit me just fine.

Nike Air Huarache Atomic Mango Timeline Racer 1994

Nike Air Huarache Atomic Mango Timeline Burst

Nike Air Huarache Atomic Mango Timeline 2014

* — The last time I remember seeing the Lights in OG form was two pairs from the Swoosh and Stussy collab circas 2003.

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