Nike Air Trainer Max 91 QS NFL “Raiders”

05.21.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Any Bo Jackson trainer by Nike usually gets my money by default. Nostalgia and style always take over and another pair is added to the pile. Then there’s the latest release, the Air Trainer Max ’91 QS “Raiders,” which pays homage to the two-sport star and gives a hat tip to his former football squad as well. The thought behind them is good but the execution looks overdone like these were left in the oven too long.

Trainer ’91s tend to go for good money on the secondary market and we haven’t seen them since 2010’s retro. So at this point, being able to snag any colorway at retail is a positive. But these have a bit too much going on. The midsole’s busier than a traffic jam and the “Bo Knows” across the strap is gimmicky. While the shiny silver’s true to the Raiders unis, these would’ve been better off as a light gray nubuck. The color is technically listed as wolf grey so it could be 3M…which still doesn’t help much since that’s even more shine going on. Bo’s models are seriously already intricate enough by design. No need to make them more complicated.

Dah well, can’t win’em all. The price is $110 and they’re available at Oneness and other quickstrike accounts.

Pics: Oneness

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