Coming Attractions: Nike Air Trainer SC II ‘Megatron’

11.19.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


Words By Retro Boogie

Along with the CJ81 Trainer Max, the pride of Detroit Calvin Johnson has yet another shoe to rock with. While expanding on their initial Transformers offerings from a few years ago, Nike’s Air Trainer SC II ‘Megatron’ takes the color scheme of the robotic villain you love to hate and puts in on a model made famous initially by Bo Jackson. The shoe has all the makings of a win for Nike here. A translucent sole, reflective 3M that looks Cybertronian, and the Balmain-esque purple accents for something suitable for the gawd Megatron.

While we’re at it, let’s settle the debate. Megatron was way iller than Optimus Prime. Transform into a big ass laser cannon any day over an extra regular big rig? No contest. He only got clobbered because his minions were perpetual fuck ups. Which is probably why Nike athlete Calvin Johnson has a Megatron moniker and not a Starscream nickname. And it’s always a plus when anchors on SportsCenter yell out “M-M-M-MEGATRON!!!” Opposing DBs must feel like Go Bots.

Score a big win for the bad guy with the Nike Air Trainer SC II ‘Megatron’ when it drops November 26th.



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