NBA Jams: Charles Barkley Vs. Godzilla In Nike’s “Battle Of The Century”

09.16.13 4 years ago 8 Comments
charles barkley godzilla nike poster

Remember that one time when Godzilla was running a train on downtown Tokyo? And instead of some fancy gamma gun or a mechanized robot of equal size and capabilities, the Japanese enlisted a 50-story tall Charles Barkley to defend their city – and their honor? Man, good times.

It was all for Nike’s ad campaign dubbed the “Battle Of The Century” and Chuck was really in fine form that day. But, my only complaint about his defending of the city – and, really, this goes for all 50-footers trying to stop Godzilla – was that Barkley seemed more than willing to destroy a couple buildings in the process. And that elbow that he threw at the end definitely wouldn’t fly where I play.

But, I guess you can’t argue with the results.

There was also a physical comic released around the same time by Dark Horse Comics illustrating the battle between Sir Charles and his oversize foe. Click through to see scans from the comic.

Scans: Malapropist

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