The Details: Nike Flyknit Air Max ‘Atomic Orange + Volt’

01.01.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Nike Flyknit Air Max

Not a lot of explaining goes into Nike’s new Flyknit Air Max. After releasing online last Friday, my pair arrived that same day thanks to my Finish Line friends who asked if I wanted to try a pair. Obviously, that was a given since the models combines a couple of Nike’s best technologies – Flyknit, the Max Air unit and Flywire – into one shoe.

The two main questions I’ve received are if they’re light and if they’re true-to-size?

The short answer to the first inquiry is they’re very (very) light. Technically, the Flyknit Air Max’s listed as being an estimated half ounce lighter than other top tier models like the AM13 and AM14. But nobody needs press releases or a scale if they’ve worn any of the Flyknit models before because the difference in their weight – or lack there of – is minimal but definitely noticeable. It’s not as if other models are heavy, the Flyknit Air Max’s upper is just lighter and more breathable to the point they feel like having on an extra pair of socks, which is mostly due to the Flywire. Overall, the seamless nature of the model makes them more form-fitting and flexible, creating a wide range of motion.

The TTS question is always harder for me to answer since I wear a 13. Finding a 12.5 is a needle in a haystack and sizing down to a 12 isn’t something that crosses my mind too often. With those bits out of the way, I say TTS with slight bit of room in the toebox but nothing egregious. Even with the snug fit they’re supposed to have, I still prefer a little room for general wear.

With several colorways set to follow, the initial black, atomic orange and volt version seen here is available now online at Finish Line before they hit stores on January 3.

Nike Flyknit Max 11

Flyknit Air Max 8

Nike Flynit Max 4

Flyknit Air Max 7

Flyknit Air Max 6

Nike Flynit Max-2

Nike Flynit Max 5

Flyknit Air Max 5

Nike Flyknit Max 10

Flyknit Air Max 9

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