Nike Doesn’t Care About Your Bank Account.

07.28.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

Or your credit score. Or your increasing debt. Or whatever the hell else you planned on copping at the end of July or beginning of August. Instead of releasing the typical packs of two shoes to celebrate something, Nike went full retard when it came to the black ‘Genealogy of Free’ release. Just when I thought I was out of the pack game…

Some of the company’s most innovative designs are put on full display in a murdered out fashion. The Sock Racer, Rift, Air Presto, Free OG 5.0, Free Run 2 and new and improved Free 5.0 are all worthy of being copped. Even with monochromatic stylings, every shoe in the pack shines in its own right. While my favorites for now are the Prestos and Sock Racers, I know Gotty is going straight for the urban ninja shoes in the Rifts. Everyone wins with this late July offering, from hardcore running enthusiasts to hipsters to full on HBA-wearing Hypebeasts. Personally I might just have to let go of some Jordans to make room for some of the shoes from the Genealogy of Free tree.

The black version of the Nike Genealogy of Free Pack releases July 31st.

Nike Sock Racer Genealogy Of Free

Nike Air Rift Genealogy of Free

Nike Air Presto Genealogy of Free

Nike Free 5.0 OG Genealogy of Free

Nike Free Run 2 Genealogy of Free

Nike Free 5.0 Genealogy of Free

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