Nike Huarache Air Light ‘Ultramine’ Retro Confirmed!

07.24.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

Get the signatures ready people. I’m filing a damn petition to make size? and Nike release more retro runners out in the US.

First, it was the “Atomic Mango” and “Concretes” Huarache Lights, and now size?’s Instagram confirmed the ‘Ultramarine’ Nike Huarache Air Light is getting retroed. The colors are ill, and the monstrous midsole gives way to a ton of comfort along with the trademark sock-like feel. And of course our European sneakerhead brethren (and sisterthren?) get first crack at it.

All I know is that if these are a Europe only release, quite a few American dudes into obscure runners and pinrolling denim are going to be pretty upset. Niche shoes have never done all that well out here but would a quickstrike release be asking too much? I just need a chance to be able to win that 5am lottery, that’s all. And while we’re at it, another retro of the Spiridons or Air Bursts would be welcomed.

No word on the release details, but serious buyers should expect to pay heavily for British exchange rates for the Nike Huarache Air Light Retro from Size.

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