First Look: The Nike Lebron 12 ‘Instinct’

08.13.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

I’m trying to find the word to describe these. Nothing’s really coming to mind though. The 11s took some getting used to, but I don’t think I’ll ever fully embrace the Nike Lebron 12 the same way. There’s just so much going on from a visual standpoint. Bonus points for making the shoe Decepticon colors at least.

Upon closer inspection, there’s still elements of Flywire and Posite material, but the chainlink mesh on the upper looks more durable and rugged than Engineered Mesh. I actually like the idea of the folded cloth as the heel loop, but the Mercedez Benz logo is a mystery to me. As well as the Simon Says colored sole. The tread doesn’t even look very grippy. Seeing as Lebron had a ton of issues with the 11s, I can only assume Nike shored up issues with the newest signature and went with function over form. No details on a release date as of yet.


Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 2

Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 3

Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 4

Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 5

Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 6

Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 7

Nike Lebron 12 Instinct 8

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