Coming Attractions: Nike Roshe Flyknit ‘Reimagined’

10.01.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

The Nike Roshe Flyknit ‘Reimagined’ solidifies the case that there’s nothing new under the sun these days when it comes to the sneaker game. Back when Steve Nash was healthy and marketable, Nike collaborated with him to make the Nike Trash Talk. In a way, the recycling concept has come full circle with the ‘Reimagined’ Roshes.

There’s a certain allure when you own something that’s completely original, and that’s the angle being chosen to push these colorful shoes. No two shoes are identical, but all of the shoes look like a flavor of sherbert. And since Nike is using scraps, shouldn’t the Roshes be cheaper to make? If so, pass the savings to us dammit. Paying almost twice as much for a Roshe in a different material is going to hurt…but there’s that allure thing kicking in again.

The Nike Roshe Flyknit ‘Reimagined’ releases October 4th for a retail price of $125 on and at select Nike Sportswear retailers.

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