Nike ‘Shooting Stars’ Pack Puts Lil Penny Back In The Action

05.08.14 3 years ago 4 Comments

We finally get official images and release info for Nike’s ‘Shooting Stars’ Pack, the two-pair set featuring the Air Foamposite One and the newly introduced Lil Penny Posite.

We highlighted these two a couple of weeks ago and I definitely second Retro’s motion that the new Lil Penny Posite is the better of the two because who doesn’t like shiny new things.

With the Lil Penny Posites, designer Marc Dolce pulls elements from previous Penny models – most notably the Air Zoom Rookie and the Nike Air Up – in a similar manner as was done with the 1/2 Cent model of recent years. The particulars of a solid shoe are there: separated Posite upper, full-length Lunar midsole, Zoom cushioning in the heel and the 1 Cent logo to finish it out. The end result is a shoe that looks totally bad ass when done in black and blue.

Nike also saw fit to bring back Hardaway’s half-brother Lil Penny to coincide with the release. The little loudmouth first popped up on the scene via social media during ASG weekend, but he’ was only seen and not heard. Now he’s back once again, conducting fictional interviews and poppin’ noise.

NSW: The new Lil Penny Posite, of course! Congrats. That’s a major move. Can you tell us a little about them?

LP: It is what it is man, and they do what they do. I don’t want to say they’re the best sneaker of all time – but I don’t want to lie to you either, ha! These things are incredible! And I knew it was just a matter of time before I got my own shoe. I knew it, you knew it! You can only ignore greatness’ knock on the door so many times.

NSW: What makes these so special?

LP: You mean, besides them being made for me? Just look at them! Polished. Clean. Comfy. You know, Penny does his thing on the court, but I do my ballin’ on the streets. The shoelace express is the cleanest, meanest public transpo. around! They’re everything I ever wanted man. These shoes might be worth more than my two cents – and you know my two cents are priceless!

For those interested, the full interview is hosted at Nike, if you’re into that kind of thing. If they really want to do it right, the Swoosh knows what needs to happen next: new Lil Penny commercials.

The pack will be available on and at select Nike Sportswear retailers on May 17th. The buzz says the ticket will be $500 for the set, which sounds extreme to most but I honestly don’t think cats that truly chase Foams are experiencing sticker shock since they’re traditionally used to paying high prices anyway.

Nike Shooting Stars Pack

Nike Air_Foamposite_One-Profile

Nike Air_Foamposite_One-Detail_Hero

Nike Air_Foamposite_One-Detail_2

Nike Air_Foamposite_One-Outsole re

Nike Lil_Penny_Posite-Profile

Nike Lil_Penny_Posite-Detail_Reflect

Nike Lil_Penny_Posite-Detail_2

Nike_ Lil_Penny_Posite-Outsole_re








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