The Milk’s Gone Bad: Nike’s ‘Weatherman Pack’

08.16.13 4 years ago 40 Comments


Someone should inform Nike that milking the cow until the teats hurt is never a good idea. I’ve never actually studied dairy farming, but I would imagine that doing so would make the animal adverse to being milked.

What am I getting at?

The idea of overdoing it and overuse of specific elements by the Swoosh. The volt Air Max 95s are classic because of how eye-catching the color scheme was. The same goes for the ‘South Beach’ LeBron 8, the rich, royal blue on early Foamposites, the KD ‘Weatherman,’ select Black History Month models released. Countless other strong examples could be given.

But, their overdoing it isn’t limited to color schemes and print patterns. The concept goes with various shoes, hybrids, technologies, themes ad nauseam. At a certain point, we, as buyers, know when we’re being offering something unique, new and innovative and when we or certain products are being milked beyond exhaustion.

Nike Weatherman Pack

Foams are still selling well. The ‘Weatherman’ Durants were a hit. Let’s just mash them together and go for the jugular. Oh, throw in an AF1 for the old heads. Surely a recipe for success, right?


This ‘Weatherman Pack’ – featuring the Air Force 1 and Air Foamposite One doused in “graphic, Doppler-esque depictions of inclement weather patterns” – is a good example of squeezing until the nipples are throbbing and aching. This trio of shoes should’ve never made it to production without one Swoosh employee saying “Guys, these don’t look that good.”

Photos: Nike Inc.

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