Nike Debuts New ‘Chroma’ Material On NIKEiD

08.14.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma blue

Nike always finds a way to give shoe buyers what they think they want. NIKEiD’s new Chroma option will allow iridescent customization option that shifts colors in varying light.

Anybody who’s been around sneaker corners for a while will remember 10 years ago when the original Hyperflights were the talk of the town and one specific colorway, the infamous “Iridescent” Hyperflights, were all baby hypebeasts wanted Nike to releases. They flocked message boards beggin’, complaining and fawning for the flip-flop-colored sneakers to make it to production, even going so far as petitioning to try and make it happen.

The shoes never did, but now Nike’s gotten the hang of how to offer the iridescent look over the past few years and now, they’re offering it as a coloring option on NikeiD, set to debut on the KD VI. After the initial rollout, we’ll soon be able to apply it to multiple models.

“The KD VI Chroma iD is available in seven color options for the upper in addition to 16 accent colors available on the logos, laces, lining, midsole and outsole. Glow-in-the-dark materials will be available on the laces, airbag, midsole, outsole and personalization options.

“Two years in the making, NIKEiD’s Chroma option was inspired by popular iridescent paint jobs on cars. Moving forward, Chroma will be available on Nike Basketball signature shoes.”

Very beautiful, very dope. But that’s only when it’s done properly and in moderation. Knowing Nike, we’ll probably end up seeing it on any shoe they can manage to place it on. Chroma Air Force 1, Chroma futbol boots, all Chroma everything and all Chroma options for everyone.

Anyways, check out the Chroma material on NikeiD, where it just went live today.

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma group

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma green

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma toebox

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma close

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma heel

NIKEiD KD VI  Chroma heel 2

Cred: Nike Inc.

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