In Search Of Nipsey Hussle…

01.19.13 5 years ago 12 Comments

With the success of TDE as a whole, Dom Kennedy and Tyga, the ascension (or lack thereof) of Nipsey Hussle has been nothing short of frustrating. This isn’t to suggest Nip isn’t profitable. He’s achieved a fair amount of acclaim from the mixtape circuit and even respectable corners of the industry and Internet.

Yet, for a guy championed as the “West’s Best Kept Secret” some four years ago, the meal has failed to produce what the recipe once promised. Quiet as kept, Neighborhood Nip’s The Marathon and The Marathon Continues ranked as two personal favorite tapes of the past three years and with the anticipation of TM3: Victory Lap to close out 2012, there was hope – at least for me – the tides of appreciation would turn leaving 2013 as the year Hussle finally cashed in.

Now, here it is, nearly a month into the new year and those same doubts linger. How big of a star Crenshaw’s own could amount to remains to be seen as it involves a myriad of factors. Nip’s talented though, really talented if my opinion is someone’s you respect. Nevertheless, the business of music and the art of music occasionally mix as seamlessly as oil and water in what could very be happening to Nipsey behind-the-scenes.

Whatever the case may be, here’s to anticipating it gets worked out soon (MMG or not). Free Nipsey Hussle. Better yet, free Nipsey Hussle’s music.

Nipsey Hussle – “I Don’t Give A Fucc/My Moment”

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