Nipsey Hussle Talks ‘Victory Lap’ And More With The Stashed

01.06.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

The most encouraging thing about Nipsey Hussle’s interview with The Stashed? It’s the fact we’re writing about Nipsey Hussle and not asking the question, “So did this guy just quit rap or what?” Since the release of Crenshaw and his #FuccTheMiddleMan campaign in 2013, Neighborhood Nip has made the conscious effort to remain visible in a genre that all but demands its clients to.

The House That Kaz Built cuts no corners with inquiring where the next step in Nipsey’s lyrical puzzle lands, his official debut album, Victory Lap.

“Victory Lap is ready to come out because of where I’m at. That title says a lot. Victory is like, you won but the question is over what? What did you win,” explains the Crenshaw native. “As it comes together, it’s just about reaching a place in myself that I think everybody is trying to get to that, and conquer what they were afraid of. Achieve their life goals, kept their word on what they said they were going to do. That’s what the album is about.”

VL is tenatively scheduled to drop sometime this year; a statement that somehow makes me both encouraged and weary at the same time. Nonetheless, aside from the album, Hussle offers his two cents on Trinidad James’ comments on New York City and his reaction to the reaction (most notably from Maino). And after all that, Nip closes out with new music in “6 Inch Heels” featuring June Summers.

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