Nipsey Hussle – “Talk About Me”

02.09.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

I’ma be honest with you. As much as I’ve seen and respected Nipsey Hussle’s come-up over the past year, I personally can’t say I’ve found myself enthralled enough to rehash a single song from the South Central MC’s catalogue. For no real reason, either.

Then, I heard “Talk About Me” and realized I miiight out be a tad out of line.

Flat out, this Whoo-Kid-hosted heat rock is about as hot as a loose muffler scrapping down the streets of Slauson in July, with one-time flying behind, trying to catch up to the work in the trunk. The Hussle man steps his flow up. The beat sounds about as Raw as Monday night. And that combination makes for an uncut production of gutter and grime that will without a doubt find a regular spot into this listeners personal rotation.


Download — Nipsey Hussle – “Talk About Me”

Props: Mr. X

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