No Homo, No?

12.14.08 9 years ago 55 Comments

Not A Vagina.

Have you ever been in a situation where a pending issue has been driving you crazy, but the topic is risque and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking anyone? Well, obviously, I have. And since I’m way past the point where I care what you bootleggers think, I’m asking y’all a question that’s been pestering me since I began listening to female-degrading raps more than ten years ago.

Why is it that I’ve heard numerous male rappers use the term “cock” when referencing a girl’s nanner?

No, I’m not crazy. This happens. Often.

“I got them bitches on the corner selling cock (selling cock),” the late Pimp C proudly professes in “Pimp Life.” On 2Pac’s sexually-driven “I’d Ratha Be Ya,” Richie Rich can’t wait to “stretch out the cock.” When the fellas of 2 Live Crew are asked what they like in their love song “H.B.C.,” they adamantly shout back, “Head, Booty and Cock!”

From Mack 10 to the original player himself, Too Short, the list goes on and on.

I know rappers create slang & alter the meaning of words, but this is just confusing.

We’ve seen enough porn to know that calling the Vagine © Borat a ‘cock’ is like calling an apple an orange. So why, and at what point, did this genitalia nickname switch become commonplace? Without getting graphic, is there a back story that I missed in my middle school Wellness class? Why are rappers, who are known to be more homophobic than most, yapping about beating up “cock”?

If you can clear up any of these questions, it would be appreciated, as it’d free up the tiny piece of my brain that has pondering this conundrum for years. I know someone can help. Based on all the rappers I’ve heard drop the C-bomb, there’s no way y’all haven’t heard this before.

You just didn’t wanna ask anyone.

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