No, I Don’t Want To Be Called V-Nasty’s N*gga

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
12.14.11 49 Comments

What started as an offhand Twitpic and a follow-up tweet ended up causing my inbox and timeline to swell within the past 24 hours. Here’s a brief, five-point explanation that should help clear things up.

1. I do not know V-Nasty personally. The most I know about her is through the image she perpetuates through the media. Thus far, I am not a fan.

2. I’ve written about her and my dislike of what I perceive her image to be. Click here if you’re interested in traveling back in time. My regards for her still stand the same and I don’t feel like rehashing them for those who have read the previous entries.

3. I am not a “critic” (thanks for the compliment though, Bol). Not a gatekeeper or anything of that nature. I am not holier than thou. Most days, I’m an average dude who gets paid to talk about rap and sneakers.

Beyond all that, I’m Black. Not pro-Black like Craig Hodges © Common. Just regular Black in fact. But Black enough that I won’t sit around and act as if V-Nasty’s use the n-word and her feeble defense she uses are okay by me. They’re not. I grew up in the deep South around “hoogies” and “cracker ass crackers” who did use the n-word and, if they didn’t, they for damn sure thought it. In time, I’ve grown past them and even using the word “nigga” myself, which I’ve also written about previously.

4. As a general rule, we, as a staff, write about what we like and make no bones about ignoring other stuff. I’m not one for the “hate” the ‘net perpetuates. Instead of wasting our time (or yours) bitching and moaning about what we dislike or what’s wrong with music and the culture as a whole, we choose to use our words to speak on the artists, brands and projects we think hold merit.

5. Given my previous writings regarding her, I was frustrated when the UPS guy delivered Gucci and V-Nasty’s mixtape to my door yesterday. Once I opened the envelope, I didn’t think twice about walking the disc straight to the trash can*. The delivery driver would have been better off laying a lawn jockey at my doorstep. My response to critiquing her work? See the picture leading this post for my 1,000 word review.

And now, a word from Flav and Chuck.

* – As evidenced by the pic, writers have crummy dietary habits. Coffee, cigs, cereal & pizza are staples.

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