Life Change: No Malice Shuts Down Any And All Rumors Of New Clipse Album

01.25.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

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Major bummer for those looking for a new Clipse album any time soon. Even though there have been rumors and hints, No Malice says no more Clipse for him, not unless “there’s a universal revival” in the current climate of music. His confirmation follows Pusha shutting down the talk, too.

In an interview with Fader, No Malice explained “There is no Clipse album in the works. It’s not going down.” He acknowledges that he’s aware of the rumors, he hears them all the time but assures that he won’t be feeding into or even letting the talk linger.” I don’t know where the rumor stems from…But I would never play with the fans like that and act like something’s about to happen and it’s not.”

Mal knows that he and Pusha could make an album and kill it, but he’s moved on from rhymes that celebrate the drug dealing lifestyle.

“While he says a Clipse album won’t happen now, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of one in the future. ‘I’m very certain that it could happen. A Clipse album could be done. There would be nothing like it.’ For now, though, No Malice feels he and brother Pusha T are best off working on their own. ‘At this point in time, my brother and I attack music from two different perspectives. We can pull off anything together and crush it, but right now I’m just somewhere else and he’s doing his thing.’

“’I think the fans want to rekindle that whole entire lifestyle which I no longer live,’ he says. ‘But I will not be rapping like that. I was that, every bit of that lifestyle, and this is where I’m at now. I don’t condemn or have anything negative to say about anyone, this is just the move I chose to make.’”

And there we have it folks. As good as it could’ve been and as much as we – and Pusha T – may want it, No Malice doesn’t occupy that same frame of mind musically.

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