Noah ‘40’ Shebib Drops ‘Views From The 6’ Gems In ‘The Smokebox’ With B-Real

02.05.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

OVO Sound architect and herbal connoisseur Noah “40” Shebib has seen some things. Given his proximity to the biggest artist in the world, the global tours, the secretive recording processes, the YOLO parties and the S.O.T.A. (State of the Art) Studio he launched in Toronto, it’s no wonder that he doesn’t find time for interviews. That being said, B. Real dangled a bag of that Jet Fuel in front of him and made The Smokebox a priority.

They spend time talking about the sweet leaf and potential legalization in Canada, how Views From The 6 has been coming together and how the Raptors are one of the illest teams in the league – but we already knew that right? For the stoners, there’s plenty of slow, drawn-out weed talk but thankfully they spend most of the time talking music. DJ Premier even gets some special shouts as the first producer who gave 40 his passion for creating beats. “’95 or ’96 was when I started trying to think about ‘How do they make these beats? What’s an MPC? What are these things?’ I’m plugging in keyboards and VCRs, anything i could do to make music somehow.”

Since he’s one of the more public spokespeople for multiple sclerosis, Bibbers also chats about the medicinal benefits and how it can supplement tons of the other bulls***t the pharma industry forces on patients. “What happens is the MS drugs are really powerful, so when you take them, they knock you out. What they do is they prescribe you with 10 other drugs to be like ‘Take this to fix your appetite. Take this to go to bed because you aren’t going to be able to go to sleep.’ I’m just like ‘Argh.” I can smoke for all of this! So that whole list of 10 drugs that they push on you after, you can push to the side and just smoke.”

For those looking to get an insight into the Captain of the OVO Sound, spin up a cannon and chase these two through the clouds with a pen and paper at the ready.

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