Notable Quotable – 2 Chainz On “F*ck ‘Em”

01.09.12 6 years ago 32 Comments

“Migo hit my Boost, Migo hit my Boost
What you know about walking in the Gucci store and they salute?
Chain cost a coupe, coupe cost a crib
Riding with the chopper, like it’s my friend
This for real niggas only, I still bet with Kobe
Got a sign in my garage that say, “Foreign only”
Four zips, pouring, on mixtapes I’m touring
See my shit that fire shit, and yo’ shit boring
I’m chain smoking loud like it’s a Newport
Dad wasn’t around — my father figure was Too $hort
New Porsche deuced up, two cups got juice in it
Two forks, two pots, I could whip it both-handed
My girl is bow-legged, just do it like Bo Jackson
Every beat I’m toe-tagging, charm big as a Volkswagon
Money got me sagging, it really doesn’t matter
I run circles round these niggas’ world like Saturn…”

What nearly became a Notable Quotable for the entire song of “Triple Beam Dream”*, deciding to piss off Hip-Hop purists and go left field was the better option. “Fuck ‘Em” has the feel it could spawn into one of those street anthems/club bangers Ross has had a penchant for creating in recent years. With the hook being ignorantly addictive and fitting verses from both Ricky and Wale, the highlight of the song comes in the form of the artist previously known as Tity Boi. Simply reading the lyrics fails to do the verse justice. It’s one of those 16’s that’s better heard at loud volumes, preferably under the influence of an outside vice.

Rick Ross Feat. 2 Chainz & Wale – “Fuck ‘Em” (Prod. By Academy Productions)

* – What are the chances Nas allows Ross to executive produce his next album? And by that, I mean providing guidance with beat selection.

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