Notable Quotable – A$AP Rocky On “Hands On The Wheel”

01.17.12 6 years ago 23 Comments

“Wait hold up
Back up in this motherf*ckin’ b*tch once again
It’s the pretty motherf*cker with a forty ounce of brew
My n***a Q and we drunker than a b*tch
We gettin’ milli’s motherf*cker yeah, uh
N***a weed and brews, it’s unbelievable
Got a freak or two, in my vehicle
Got the purple drink, got the yellow drink
Then we mix it up, call it Pikachu
With a little bit of crack, little bit of dope, little bit of smoke,
Little coke, little weed, when they on them pills
Little bit of E, little bit of ‘shrooms, little bit of doobs,
What it do, hands on the wheel
And I keep the illest, trillest b*tches while I’m swaggin’ it
Crush a bit, little bit, that’s my pursuit of happiness”

A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q showed a flash of smooth chemistry together on Live.Love.A$AP and apparently solidified a strong friendship in the process. That’s great for them and even better for us since we get to reap the benefits via more great music. Unlike “Brand New Guy,” there isn’t any back and forth rapping from the duo but that’s fine because Rocky put the record on his shoulders and delivered the definitive verse of his young career. And while he usually is laid back and lets the beat come to him, he switches up his style and attacks with latent aggression that’s been otherwise absent from his music.

Even though this is a NQ, this entry can’t be wrapped up without noting that the producer, Best Kept Secret, does an admirable job of sampling Lissie’s cover of “Pursuit of Happiness.” He sets the mood perfectly and builds a stage over the high octane beat that successfully brings out the best of the two budding stars, Schoolboy Q and A$AP Rocky.

Schoolboy Q Feat. A$AP Rocky – “Hands On The Wheel”

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