Notable Quotable – Black Milk On “Hell Naw!”

06.18.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

Now, I don’t throw the word “bitch” around carelessly, but this verse makes me be like “beeytch!” word to Rosebud c/o American Pimp.

It’s the second verse off the hard-flowing, chorus-less “Hell Naw!” from Slum Village’s self-titled album. All the verses on this track (and the entire album, really) are well constructed and entertaining, but Black Milk’s run is just dumb silly…

I’m sayin – here we, here we, here we go,
Why the nother silly hoe?
‘Nother chicken that was lickin’,
Met her at a liquor store.
I beat it up when it came to sexin’,
Look at me, I’m recollectin’,
How I used to eff her,
To the fuckin’ Makaveli record.
Listen how the story started,
Cause she thought I was retarded,
Pushing up up on my mans,
Like a shopping cart in Target.
B-b-bitch, I ain’t trippin’,
Cause I heard it from my nigga,
But I told her
‘It’s all good,’
I already fucked her sister.”

Slum Village Feat. Black Milk – Hell Naw!

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