Notable Quotable – Childish Gambino’s “Hold You Down”

11.14.11 6 years ago 21 Comments

“The reason that they say I’m nothing what they seen or heard
Is the same reason Will Smith’s always opposite Latino girls
They only see you how they wanna see you ’til you make ’em see you in some other way
I’m trippin’ off the other day
Cause God knows what these White kids sayin’
Dude you’re not-not racist cause The Wire’s in your Netflix cue
Subtle racism
It’s hard to pin it cause you’d only understand
If you were me for just a minute
This one kid said somethin’ that was really bad
He said I wasn’t really Black because I had a dad…

I think that’s kinda sad
Mostly cause a lot of Black kids think they should agree with that
If you’re a father, you should stick around if you could
Cause even if you’re bad at it, you get Tiger Woods
We warriors, we all need sensei’s
Change everything that we’ve done so far
I don’t mean makin’ B.E.T.,T-E-R
I mean just the way that we see each other
I won’t stop until they say, ‘James Franco is the white Donald Glover’
Yeah, these niggas wanted Cookie but instead I gave ’em Loch Ness
Sick boy for life, my swag is in a hospice
Aiming for the throne, Jay and Ye said to watch that
They ask me what I’m doing, and I said, ‘I’m stealing rock back’

Childish Gambino on “Hold You Down” from the album Camp

Racism may have shed its garb from hoses and bringing dogs over the years, but its blood type is still, and will always be IGNORANCE. Donald Glover uses the soulful vibes of “Hold You Down” to speak through the Gambino child to spotlight his own encounters of indecent proposals from the mouths of his peers with the lighter pigmentation.

This art mimicking life for some of the poor choices and its inhabitants have chosen to make yet it benefits us all to gather ’round the campfire and learn and thing or two about thy neighbor.

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