Notable Quotable – Danny Brown On “Black & Brown”

09.06.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Every few weeks, I’ll receive an email either praising or the questioning the shine we’re giving Danny Brown. For the nonbelievers, check The Hybrid on Black Milk’s aptly-titled “Black & Brown.”

Smoking on a stogie
Bangin Noreaga
When I’m done I light the bogie (what, what)
40 on the floor mat
Aaliyah holy moley
Banana in her tailpipe
Will make her Axel Foley
Eatin’ on perogies
Goose mixed with Sobe
Smokin’ on an OZ
Pimpin’ like an O.G.
If it never knew me, then you probably never know me
Blade on me, homie, mask on like Shinobi
Ball so hard, gotta MVP trophy
Smoke so much kush i forget the hoes that blow me
Thick white bitch, slurp a nigga like a Kirby
Hoes on a nigga and they all look thirsty
Say they 19 and they all look 30
Everyday clean y’all always dirty
Chronic coming in same bag as a turkey
Dark color purple and its tasting like Hershey…”

Danny Brown on “Black & Brown” from Black Milk’s Album Of The Year.

I don’t expect every artist we champion to be one that the whole congregation accepts and that’s okay. Still, Danny’s the man hands down if you ask me who’s injecting charismatic lyricism back into the mix. His flow is so offbeat and full of metaphors and similes, you have to pay attention and it’s been a while since an emcee kept me hangin’ on every word just to say what outlandish or crafty thing he’ll say next.

Thanks to Kevin Nottingham for transcribing the lyrics, saving me time and making this post hella easier. Well, I guess Danny deserves partial credit.

YouTube insertion of the song since Black’s AOTY isn’t out yet. Hex Murda might send a band of assassins to my door if I posted the mp3 and we don’t want that. Buy the album when it drops.

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