Notable Quotable – Dice Raw On “One Time”

12.18.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

“I wonder when you die do you hear harps and bagpipes
If you born on the other side of the crack pipe
Niggas learn math just to understand the crack price
Then dive in head first like a jack knife
Cause out here, yo you niggas can’t belly flop
If you wanna make the noise inside your belly stop
One time means being on the front line
Being on the front line means ducking one time
The pendulum swinging my way
Couldn’t be more blind
Niggas talk to the cops?
Not even one time
Cause we all going down
Just like the subprime
Or a cheap ass half gallon of Ballantine
But, hopping over gates to escape is sublime
Then through the alley way and down to the sub line
Tales from the streets
Life of high crime
To make it to the bottom
Such a high climb…”

Dice Raw on “One Time” from the album undun

Ms. Edna and Tootie reenacted the facts of life on a mere television show. D-I-C-E mirrors life’s unfortunate reality’s through the windshield of his raps. Any questions? This verse in particular maintains semblance outside of the fall of demise of Redford Stephens, highlighting that even lions in the concrete jungle have to struggle to see the morning’s hours. There’s a nice handle on the homonyms, too.

undun is live on iTunes right now.

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