Notable Quotable – J. Cole On “Beautiful Bliss”

11.11.09 8 years ago 19 Comments


Like sunshine on a rainy day, behold one of the best verses of the year. More so for formalities, just in case you missed it.

“I phone home to the real they wanna know just how it feel
Who woulda thought a lil’ nigga from the ‘Ville could get a deal
And tell them niggas at the top we want yo spot we are for real
And yet we heard you got it locked but like them socks we on your heels
So you best be on your toes nigga
‘Specially on your flows nigga
Cause man they keep on checking for me — ‘specially all your hoes nigga
Catch me on your doorstep, you see me let me in
All I wanna do is eat, I’m like a freaky lesbian
Now all I wanna do ball on TV, me ESPN
They heard I’m bout to blow so all my enemies say ‘let’s be friends’
And all these rappers know just know where I’m bout to go so catch me then
Where all the girls that we knew scream fuck you
Go let me in
I’m definitely in a class of my own
And dinner with Hov hoping that he pass the baton
He just pass the patron
Ain’t nothin’ given dog, it’s earned
If you just livin’ dog you learn
I let you niggas see the light
I’m like the prison yard I yearn
For that living large, but Mama I ain’t done yet
Sit back and watch your son rise [sunrise]
Kick back and know that yo son set [sunset]
Forever I ain’t run yet and I never will
Nas told me “Life’s A Bitch”
Pac said “Fuck The World” and I ain’t cum yet
You up yet?
My punchlines like gut checks, I’m raw dog
I’m rough sex, I’m on deck, I’m up next
I’m God Blessed, I’m success so fuck stress
You can get the fuck from around me
And if you listening, I know you wondering where the fuck they found me
I’m from the ‘Ville boy…Ay Wale…good lookin'” — J. Cole from “Beautiful Bliss” off Wale’s Attention Deficit

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