Notable Quotable – Jay-Z From “Mr. Carter”

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Words By David D.

Remember the NBA All-Star game in Atlanta a few years ago? It was Jordan’s last go round. He was a Wizard- an old guy who multiple times leading up to the game stated that the league was a young man’s association. Jordan wanted to show up, give the nod to the young guys and leave. Then, overtime. Fadeaway over Shawn Marion with seconds left in the first OT, reminding everyone- fans and players included- what makes him MJ.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Jay-Z on “Mr. Carter”

“I’m right ch’ear in my chair with my crown and my dear

Queen B as I share my time with my heir

Young Carter go farther, go further, go harder

Is that not why we came? If not, then why bother?

Show no mercy in Murcielagos

I’m far from being the bastard that Marcy had fathered

Now my name is being mentioned with the martyrs

The Biggie’s and the Pac’s and the Marley’s and the Marcus’s–

Garvey got me a Molotov Cocktail

Flow even if you box well can’t stop the blows

Ka-Boom! The Roc Boy in the room

The dope boy I just came off the spoon

Also I’m so fly I’m on auto-pilot while guys just stare at my wardrobe

I see Euros- that’s right: Plural

I took so much change from this rap game

It’s your go… (Young!)”

While reaffirming his stance that Weezy is the future, Jay-Z comes with a verse that provides the signs of greatness Tha Carter III for the most part lacked. Jigga paints a picture of himself sitting on his throne, taking a moment to play with the new guy. There’s also the patented extended metaphors that Jay-Z carries throughout a verse. Just check the use of the word “came” in the line “Is that not we came” which has the obvious meaning of coming to the rap game as well as fathering the young’n that will eventually take the throne. Jay uses the sixteen bars to pass the torch while at the same time showing why he has the torch in the first place. It is a standout guest appearance and all-out one of the best verses on the whole damn album.

Hmm…you know now that I think about it, I also remember when Jordan dropped 48 on the Pistons Sixers in Stackhouse’s rookie year and sat out the fourth quarter to let the kid breathe.

Lil’ Wayne Ft. Jay-Z – Mr. Carter

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