Notable Quotable – Jay-Z On “The Joy”

11.08.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

“This is my momma sh!t
I used to hear this through the walls in the hood when I was back on my pajama sh!t
Afros and marijuana sticks
Seeds in the ganja hat had it popping like the sample that I’m rhyming with
Pete Rock, let the needle drop
I seen so much as a kid they surprised I don’t needle pop
Taking sips of pop, six pack of Miller nips
Pink Champale, Ballantine ale
Bally’s on my feet help me balance out well
That and the sh!t I used to balance on the scale
I got it honest from the parties from my momma’s
Virgin Mary’s try to judge her, I’m like “where the Madonna’s now?”
Give all glory to Gloria, they said “you raised that boy too fast but you was raising a warrior”
We victorious, they’ll never take the joy from us…uh!”


Jay-Z from “The Joy” from expectantly the forthcoming album Watch The Throne.

Simple, short and sweet. That’s how Jay was known to kill them before anyone gave a hoot about his music (RE: the mainstream). Although he’s never really strayed from revealing the ghettoness that kept the prissy chicks from throwing him any holla, his more commercialized beat selection as of late has somewhat disconnected his blurbs from anyone outside of the burbs. The same can be arguably stated for Kanye as well.

Leave it to Pete Rock’s simplistic yet timeless Mayfield sample to help them remind us of where they came from.

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