Notable Quotable – Kendrick Lamar On “Look Of Lust”

11.06.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

“Say she hate it when I’m super faded
Loaded, only notice her body rather her conversation
Rushing, lusting sexual favors, wonder how it’s chasing
Midnight or 2 p.m. a vampire enjoy laces
Pray on the blood of the promiscuous
Panties on the premises
Pat you full of condoms, fuck yo’ conscious, let’s get intimate
She said ‘Baby boy slow down, you know I’m moving diligent’
What you think that I’m a hoe now and strip me for my innocence?’
Um, she was older, she was colder than the rest of ’em
Lurking over my shoulder temptation getting the best of ’em
So much, I never knew how to touch a real woman
‘Kendrick, I want you to make me feel something’
Pulled down my pants and then she glanced at me with a smirk
Repeatedly shook my hand and said what’s wrong? ‘Should I kiss it first?’
I could do that, I won’t complain
She said that ain’t a problem, I’m wet
But first you gotta fuck my brain like a surgeon
Get yo’ mental working like a 9-5 before we get it live and close the curtains
I thought massage is all I need now proceed if it’s worth it
Or leave if it’s urgent
For you to rendezvous I know your needs have a purpose
Cause I have feelings too and you have fillings
But that’s only in yo’ teeth when they hurting
I started laughing, she pulled my card like pitty-pat
Pitty the fool for any kitty kat
It’s the look of lust…”

Kendrick Lamar from Omen’s “Look Of Lust” featuring Shalonda off the mixtape Afraid Of Heights

While not the standout verse of his career thus far, K-Dot’s story of domestic immaturity on “Look Of Lust” reeks of lyrical maturity many years his senior. In a day and age where praising an artist too much teeters the line of “dickriding” and critiquing can be confused for “hating,” Kendrick’s formula is simple. The doper the music, the brighter the feedback. Even with a large catalog of material already attached to his name, the verdict is still out on the long term impact Lamar’s career will have on the broader scope of Hip-Hop history.

Something tells me though, we’re looking at a legend in the making. And our sole job as fans is simply enjoy the ride it takes for him to get there.

And if you’re looking ahead, do grab Omen’s full tape. He’s been on our radar for a few months (thanks Herfection) and Afraid Of Heights warrants the listen. The Chicago-bred artist’s self-produced project includes other features from J. Cole, Eric Roberson and more.

DownloadOmen – Fear Of Heights | Alt. Link

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