Notable Quotable – Posdonus On “Supa Emcees”

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Words By DJ Sorce-1

“Within this program of rap, I’ll eradicate the glitches
Yo I’m dark like Wesley, but I be sparkin’ more bitches
And to them my constellation put your lives in jep’
While you others represent, I present my rep
Cause when it comes to making dents, I’m that main imprint
Even smoke from blunts which give eyes the reddish tint
Could not prevent, you from seeing I’m the light
But bring attention to my words like some ass in tights
I heard you want to fight me, with your words on stage
So Mase pulls that instrumental from the jam you made
And as he starts cutting what you sold, I’ll talk all over your tones
As if my name was Pete Rock or Sean “Puffy” Combs
Send your tattered ass home, with celly phones I roam
With my fleet, here to make this rap game complete
While you live fables, unstable, acting very radical
Projecting like you’re hard, when in fact you’re quite vaginal”

De La Soul’s Posdonus is a criminally underrated MC. Both he and Trugoy have long had to bear the burden of being thought of as merely a part De La Soul instead of being recognized as Supa (individual) Emcees who work well in a group setting. This particular verse from De La’s Stakes Is High album helped to showcase Pos’s versatility with the mic.

Not only can Pos tell a story with the best of them (“My Brother Is A Basehead”) and write a heartfelt love jam (“Eye Know”), he also showed he could pen some scathing battle raps. The highlight of “Supa Emcees” comes midway through the verse as he taunts his imaginary opponent by telling them he’s going to destroy them in a battle over the instrumental from their hit song. He closes out the verse with the stinging line, “Projecting like you’re hard, when in fact you’re quite vaginal.”

Take a moment to revisit a mid-nineties musical nugget that will have you viewing Pos in a whole new light.

De La Soul – Supa Emcees

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