Notable Quotable – Royce Da 5’9″ On “Powerful Minds”

07.31.09 8 years ago 8 Comments

“Let me take you on a ride wit’ me late in the night
And you give you my thoughts, another day in the life
And they all scattered out, so niggas can spare wit’ me
Last night I had two bitches in bed wit’ me
I’m thinking about how no other nigga compare wit’ me cuz I got
A whole ‘nother two bitches in here wit’ me
One of them got her head in my lap, d!ck in her throat
The other one got a plate in the back, sniffing some coke
Think about it
Niggas don’t realize, we dying every minute, we breathe in like livings of disease
They give you when you conceived
I don’t know if I’m pouring out my heart or my mind
I just know that these words ain’t a part of my grind
I’m thinking about New Orleans
The recent events that got all my people sleeping in tents
Little street niggas leasing a Bent
Tryin’ to keep up with Meech
Priests is freaks, preachers is pimps
Petty larcen, crooks
Bush getting less votes than Kelly Clarkson
The sign said it, we might as well let time set it
Tryin’ to define prejudice is easy as tryin’ to find an online predator
Eyes red as I drive feelin’ like I’m negative
And positive
While I’m at the devil and God’s wedding
It’s pornographic
Wit’ my good d!ck in a bad puss, contractin’
Wit’ the foot in my casket.”


Royce Da 5’9″ from Trife Diesel’s “Powerful Minds” off the album Better Late Than Never

Although he’s always been campaigned as a laudable rhymeslayer, too often is Royce’s insight and detail in his verses overlooked. Dare we say he can give fellow Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden a run for his money when it comes to painting shocking pictures derived from the inner psyche? “A Part Of Me” can attest to that, which probably inspired this verse. Which may be a little dated given the Katrina references. Let Trife Diesel tell it though, it’s Better Late Than Never.

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