Notable Quotable Special Edition: The Mack

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What makes a movie memorable in my book are the quotes it produces. Why do you think I mention the greatness that is Paid In Full at every opportunity? In terms of Hip-Hop, a person would be hard pressed to find more motion pictures more influential than The Mack. Blessed with arguably the best soundtrack of all time behind the wizardry of Willie Hutch, the 1973 cult classic remains a bibliography for samples, quotes and overall sermons for dealing with the opposite sex, even if they are outright ignorant on occasion.

I haven’t figured out exactly how The Mack correlates to Independence Day, but the United States was built on the grounds of “freedom” and each man carving out his own destiny. Goldie, for better or worse, was the American Dream. The country was built upon thievery, too. And Goldie had no problem no problem taking what wasn’t his. See the correlation? The entire movie laced itself with scenes on ideology of pimping from Pretty Tony, the legendary “I wanna be your everything” schtick as well as social commentary. My favorite, the dice game scene, was littered with more quotes than a John Stewart interview on Fox News.

1. “The bitch walked in with so much money I had to get Brinks truck to help me carry it!” – Pretty Tony

2. “I been with the bitch two years, two years, and I ain’t touched her and I got $200,000 from her.” – Pretty Tony

3. China Doll: “Hey, baby. You remember me?”
Goldie: “I’d have to lose all the brain cells in my head before I forget something as fine as you.”
China Doll: “Does everybody need an audition to get with you?”
Goldie: “You ain’t gotta go through all that shit.”
China Doll: “Then I choose you.”

4. “Mr. Pretty Tony, I mean you know the rules of the game. I mean yo’ bitch just chose me. Now we can settle this like you got some class or we can get into some gangsta shit.” – Goldie

5. “You ain’t no pimp. You a rest haven for hoes.” – Pretty Tony

6. “Motherf*cker, can you buy that?” – Goldie

7. “Nigga, next time you hear grown folks talking, shut the f*ck up, hear?” – Pretty Tony

8. “Freeze, nigga. You wanna die?” – Slim

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! Don’t be a rest haven.

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