Notable Quotable – on “Association”

06.27.08 10 years ago 40 Comments

A warrior walk alone
It’s one spot on his throne
Fake friends be off and on
But a man stands up on his own
I’m raised by a different code
Cut from a different cloth
Never been a follower
My mama told me to be a boss
Watch who you hang around
Don’t let nobody bring you down
Friends come and go like seasons, leaves turn to brown
And some only come around when everything is green
Be careful not to let a snake infiltrate your team
For every Jesus there’s a Judas
Every Caesar there’s a Brutus
If someone tells you to jump off a bridge, are you gon’ do it?
There’s two types of influence: either healthy or deadly
Keep your circle small and away from all the hate and the envy
Don’t come nowhere near me with it, I’m bullshit intolerant
My politic boss up, BE YOU black empowerment
I stay in my element, braveheart intelligent
Only associate with those for my betterment
I’m out for dead presidents to represent mines
Only click with my kind
My best friend is my grind
Everybody got big dreams, but few follow through
And it’s deep that the company you keep become a part of you
Don’t just be sitting round smoking weed, letting time fly
If your homies don’t inspire you to rise, tell’em bye
You better off dolo then rollin’ with a weak ass crew
I’m like Scarface, Who I trust? – Me, that’s who.”

Nas hooked up with on his latest mixtape to dole out some more of that RBG philosophy while speaking on the company one keeps. Stic keeps it simple while breaking down the pros & cons of standing alone vs. staying with a crew that’s holding you back. He also reminds us that while Nas has recently focused on this brand of rap, he’s been doing it for years and will continue for his duration in the game.

Nas Feat. Stic.Man – “Association”

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