Four Things From Biggie’s ‘Big Poppa’ Video That Wouldn’t Happen 20 Years Later

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02.20.15 10 Comments

On this day 20 years ago, “Big Poppa” was released as the second single from Biggie’s classic debut Ready to Die. As a blogger, this means two things: I’m old and it’s time for some nostalgia via listicle. So come on and take a look at how an iconic video from 1995 would differ from one today.

4. Puff’s Hair


In a time of baldies, braids, fades and fros, Puff had the curls coming out. Seems like something that would get meme’d around today.

3. Baby Mamma All Up In The Video


“So what, I can’t cuddle with my girl to this song. Check the hook, she already has my baby.”

2. A Rapper Playing The Lame In Another Rapper’s Video


Granted Busta hadn’t dropped a solo, but he was definitely on the come up at the time. I can’t think of too many rappers with the pride to pull this off.

1. That Bathroom Scene


One could argue it would be because of the strides made but the LGBT community since 1994, but I’d guess it’s because of the onslaught of Mister Cee jokes.

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