Nottz And Asher Roth Are Neighbors

10.01.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Look at Asher, why don’t ya? Left college, dropped a respectable debut album and signed a lease on his own place. Given his profession, he couldn’t have had better luck in choosing a producer for his next door neighbor. It’s a win-win situation for both. All Asher has to do is slap some deodarant on, find the nearest pair of flip flops and walk next door whenever a 16 comes to mind.

Nottz – the producer and a respected rhymer in his own right – looks over the fence, asks for a favor and like that, he has a feature for his October 26 project You Need This Music. That’s exactly the case for their collaborative effort and Colin Munroe-assisted “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor).” Taking advantage of their newfound living arrangement, the duo swap war stories on how their respective childhoods influenced a love of Hip-Hop – Young Asher in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, and Nottz in Norfolk, Virginia.

The music sounds focused, so all bodes well on that front. No word on if Roth has invited Nottz over for a friendly game of beer pong yet though.


Nottz Feat. Colin Munroe & Asher Roth – “Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)”

Respect: NR

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