Now I Have A Real Soapbox

05.05.10 8 years ago 28 Comments

The FedEx driver came today bearing unsolicited gifts. I was really waiting on the UPS doo-doo truck to deliver a pair of Air Max+ 2009’s today but I think this is just as good if not better. Is it better when you’re not expecting something? I do know that the only thing that could have made it sweeter is if McGruder had carved his name in it somewhere.

What I may do is go prop this joint up on Jefferson Street and demand FEMA hurr-up about getting these Nashville streets clean (more on that later). Whatever I decide to do, I’m going to look real good proselytizing from on top of this. In fact, I will firmly plant my feet on it next time I pen a post that draws the ire of the internuts.

That or I’ll grab a bag of carrots and use it as a rabbit trap. Whatever, it’ll be used. Definitely one of the nicer promo items I’ve received after years of receiving crap. Asics & Nike, I’m still waiting on your deliveries.

Thanks to Cashmere Agency for the hookup!

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