“Now You Caught My Heart For The Evening…”

08.04.08 9 years ago 11 Comments

Words By Jason H.

’98 Week continues on TSS…

One of the forgotten favorites of 1998 maybe because people don’t associate the album or lead single with the year, is A Tribe Called Quest’s “Find A Way.” Produced by Jay Dee (credited as such, pre-J Dilla moniker), the joint samples former Dee-Lite member Towa Tei’s “Technova.” The last Tribe video to date, the Linden Boulevard boys succesfully tricked us on the hook! The audio sample was not the same lyrics penned by the ATCQ. In actuality, the vocals are of Bossa Nova singer Bebel Gilberto singing in Portuguese. The bouncy ball on the “lyrics to go” on the bottom of the screen weren’t just for shits’ evidently.

To this day when this Q-Tips spits out the first four bars, it’s like a doctors hammer to the knee-reflex, “Messing me up my whole head/Teasing me just like Tisha did Martin/Now look at what you started/School boy crush and it ain’t on the hush…”

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