Obey Your Funny Bone…

04.25.08 9 years ago 24 Comments

I want it take it back to the old school for a second. No I’m not talkin’ music this time, I’m thinking commercials.

Remember when Sprite used to bring the ruckus when it came to marketing?

Yeah, they held it down for Hip-Hop no question, but they also succeeded in bringing in some laughter in between your favorite TV shows. And as silly as these ads were, they offered an honest critique on some of the marketing ploys that flooded the airwaves — much like the Hip-Hop that debuted during the time these spots ran.

My personal fave is the “Sun Fizz” one. It used to stop me dead in my tracks just to catch it. Still gets a laugh outta me.


Stray Shots

Ya Boy_Im Bout To Murdah This Shit

B.G. & Soulja Slim – Uptown Souljas [2005]



Rich Boy – Rich Boy



Marley Marl – In Control Vol. 1 [1988]

Marley Marl – In Control Vol 2. (For Your Steering Pleasure) [1991]

2 Live Crew – Is What We Are – 1986



Stray Shots

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