Obie Trice – “Pockets Full”

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03.10.13 2 Comments

Take it from a recovering alcoholic, there’s a such thing as too much of a good thing. Every march 9 sees the net overrun with many praises and “R.I.P.” written many times in the memory of Francis M.H. White and we don’t want to clog the lanes anymore. Plus, what else was f*cking with Tins’ literary exercise?

Still, we didn’t want to leave out Obie’s ode to the Notorious One. The guy from Cheers digs down deep to mimic the bass-heavy delivery and vocal inflections of Biggie. He’s not dead-on, but damn close as he tells his story in a way that probably would make Big smile.

And who cares if we’re a day late? A legend is a legend and should be celebrated, regardless of significant dates attached.

Obie Trice – “Pockets Full”

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