Obits: Nashville Mourns The Loss Of 101.1 The Beat’s “Scooby”

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02.19.12 8 Comments

Scooby, left, with co-host and long-time friend, Dolewite

February 2012 may go down as the worst Black History Month on record. The race – and more specifically, the musical side of our culture – has lost several notable figures in a month set for celebration. Yesterday, Nashville lost one of its key members with the death of 101.1 The Beat radio personality Curtis “Scooby” Senior, who passed away while visiting family in Detroit. Scooby and his close friend Dolewite held down the airwaves since 2001, known by any and all for their unmistakeable, often-heard call “Dolewite and Scooo-byyyy” delivered by a young child’s voice.

Those are the hard facts.

The softer, more human aspects of it all is Scooby was a young man, only age 33 if my memory serves me correct. A brother, a friend. A giver, not a taker. An influence and a catalyst. A big, round guy with an even bigger heart. He was one of “the good guys” who served as de facto ambassador to Music City. A person who helped not just the music and entertainment sides of Nashville but the city-at-large. At almost any large community event, Scoob was there working diligently as a person who sacrificed his time and efforts to be an instrument for bringing people together for parties, charities and many other shared experiences. A full spirit who I can honestly say I never saw looking sad and troubled. He always greeted you with a slight smile – usually followed by a hearty laugh right after – and a glimmer in his eyes.

Scooby will be missed, not only on 101 airwaves but also as that connector off the air. People like him don’t emerge daily, therefore they simply can’t be replaced. Part of me believes they are born with that desire to give and God guides their path to put them in a position to help the greater good. Scooby’s talent and drive led him to radio, which allowed him to leave a large, lasting impression on this city. Begin saying their aforementioned radio call with a “Dolewite” and almost any person here can instinctively fill in the the tail-end with a “anddd Scooo-byyyy.” God gave us Scoob for eleven memorable years, so while we are sad, we are also thankful. Years will pass and we’ll look back to laugh and smile – probably like Scoob would want us to – about all the laughs, music and witty insights he and Dole provided us with.

But today and for the days to come, we mourn.

The 101.1 The Beat station and staff are asking the community to share memories of “Scooby” and offer condolences on the dedicated page, “Remember Scooby.”.

Cred: Dolewite & Scooby’s Facebook, Joerilla

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