Emo Has No Eyedea Anymore

10.19.10 7 years ago 19 Comments

Words by C. Paicely

Amidst ridiculous comparisons to Marshall Mathers and probably any other white rapper to come along in the past decade, the death of Eyedea has been over shadowed by…let’s just say bullsh*t. With emo rap and trip-hop becoming more socially acceptable within the genre, the important thing to remember is that Eyedea was a champion for the grungy darkly contemplative side of Hip-Hop. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death will only perpetuate that image.

Last year, Eyedea hit the road with his counterpart, DJ Abilities, and released high-quality videos for “Junk” and “Smile” off By The Throat. Eyedea will be remembered for his contribution to a long overlooked component of hip hop. His flow in “Smile” has the same “rise above adversity” message we hear from P.O.S so often. The guy put together chains of words that never seemed to end and still seemed like he was having a conversation with us. Anyone could feel the pain within Eyedea’s rhymes. A wicked spitter out of Minnesota? Who would’ve considered it?

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