Odd Future Terrorizing Buzzfeed’s Offices Was Incredibly Scary For Everyone

05.15.14 4 years ago 43 Comments

Doesn’t matter the rapper. Doesn’t matter the boast. Hip-hop is a genre full of storytellers and, story be damned, we have to ask: is artist X really ’bout that life?

Did Jay-Z really push all that dope?

Was 50 Cent really shot up?

Are the Odd Future guys really just a bunch of pranksters masquerading as rappers? Similar to Shakespeare’s Puck, do they roam the planet with only the troll-iest of intentions in mind?

Yes, they are. And yes, they do. Just ask anybody who was working at Buzzfeed’s New York City-based office Tuesday. As the story begins, Tyler, The Creator and his merry men entered the building with intentions of doing traditional promo for the third season of Loiter Squad. An interview happened, and before the end of the session – as can be the case with OFWGKTA – delinquency reared its head:

To which Tyler would later respond:

As with most matters Odd Future and Tyler-related, I find myself 75% entertained, 20% glad that I wasn’t involved, and maybe like 5% offended. Entertained, because the thought of a Buzzfeed writer complaining about getting his snacks stolen or getting blasted by a Nerf gun while compiling a “10 Things Left-Handed Cat Owners Can Relate To” list is just the best. Glad that I wasn’t involved, because I probably would have been the guy getting my Cheetos stolen. And offended because the n-word always does that.

Par for the Odd Future course? Definitely.

And Buzzfeed: like it or not, there’s a great chance that this entire thing was pre-meditated. Tyler knows what his (mostly Internet-based) audience likes, cares about and listens to. This was better than any formal interview that could have surfaced from a trip to a quiet, sterilized office.

Later in the day, the OF gang graced The Huffington Post, talking about Loiter Squad and the Buzzfeed situation in-depth. Thankfully, that visit went much smoother.

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