Oddisee – Odd Autumn

10.16.09 8 years ago 10 Comments

It’s Friday, snitches! That means I’m sharing, but straight cuttin’ and pastin’ the pertinent info (and the extra mustard intended to entice you to download a musical composition) because I don’t want to be working anymore than you do.

Long-time contributor and friend of PMOI Oddisee gave us the second installment of his seasonal instrumental playlist series “Odd Autumn” today. Known for the diversity of his production style, Oddisee has been making music with collaborators all over the world this year, and we think this album is a great example of his eclectic yet always soulful palette. After the huge success of Odd Summer, we hope you enjoy the soundtrack to fall, Odd Autumn; which we imagine you’ll follow up with the official release of “In The Ruff” by Oddisee’s group Diamond District, set for release October 27th on Mello Music & currently featuring on Rolling Stone’s Hype Monitor.

Word up. Diamond District’s Oddisee in your area (||). Get with it or get left behind.

Did I say all that right?

Nah, real talk, the summer installment in Odd’s Seasonal Instrumental Series was nice. I don’t expect a fall off here.

01 The Supplier Feat. Tranqill
02 Almost A Year Since
03 Everything Changed Nothing Instr.
04 Every Day People instr.
05 Pulp Fiction
06 Saw Myself Today
07 The Second Date
08 Grey’s Anatomy
09 Tell The Truth Instr
10 Theatre
11 Autumn Run
12 Bonus: Tell The Truth feat. Nikki Jean

Download — Oddisee – Odd Autumn


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