OG Maco Issued A Statement On Those Disturbing HIV/AIDS Rumors

12.23.15 2 years ago 5 Comments

Late Tuesday night, “U Guessed It” rapper OG Maco became a Twitter trending topic after the website Baller Alert posted a blind item that claimed an Atlanta rapper was walking around with a “deadly disease” that many commenters believed was HIV/AIDS.

The website claimed the “deteriorating” rapper had already infected “at least two women” with the disease, was refusing to take medication, and was already getting his affairs in order. After a disturbing phone conversation of someone who sounded like Maco telling a woman that he was “slowly dying” and repeatedly coughing surfaced online, word began to spread that the 23-year-old was the subject of the blind item.

With his name being tossed around with having HIV/AIDS, OG Maco released a short statement to debunk the “vicious” rumors and reassured fans and groupies that he was deadly disease-free.

Despite the vicious rumors, I am in fine health and have no degenerative or deadly diseases. My best holiday wishes to the person spreading this irresponsible and cruel rumor throughout social media, but know we are unmoved and will not falter in the face [of] such cowardly and underhanded tactics.

I guess since we’re here and talking about OG Maco, now’s the perfect time to share his new banger, “Ape Sh*t.” The track will appear on his upcoming The Lord Of Rage mixtape that’s suppose drop December 31st.

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