The ‘Oh Crap App!’ Will Keep Your Drunk A** Out Of Jail

03.31.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Drinking and driving can be pretty dangerous. And catching a DUI is no laughing matter. However, this DUI assistance app managed to make their tool completely laughable, while attempting to get you out of a jam.

That’s right. The “educational” tool, the Oh Crap App!, was designed to give you legal advice on the fly when you are in a binge with the po-po. Styled like an elementary school PaintShop project, you gain quick access to your automobile legal rights, a B.A.C. Calculator (SMH), a creepy audio record feature in case the cops try to Rodney King your ass, and of course, contact information to a local lawyer and bail bondsman.

Sadly, I think they are onto something. Available in the App Store and the PlayStore for free.

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