Oh Keisha Chante Where Art Thou?

03.10.09 9 years ago 61 Comments

As if this whole thing couldn’t get any more twisted.

Chris Brown’s manager is reportedly the woman whose text message to the R&B singer triggered the alleged altercation between him and girlfriend Rihanna, according to TMZ.

The gossip Web site is reporting that a source identified Tina Davis, 39, as the one who sent Brown a late-night message the night before the Grammy Awards. Davis has guided Brown’s career since his debut. There had been speculation in the past that Davis and Brown were romantically linked (though it has never been confirmed), and the police report indicated that the text came “from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with.”

I know that older male-young female molestation is bad. Over the past few years, older female-young male relationships have become commonplace in public schools & condoned over the innernuts. Realistically, this old buzzard probably started breaking Chris off when he was around 15 or 16, put the voodoo in his spaghetti & made his nuts tingle something fierce. But it brings us to here. Young Chris now has a bodacious broad like Rihanna, arguably one of the baddest in the game, yet…he can’t shake free from the molesting cougar who used to (and apparently still does) take him down.

When it was Keisha Chante that was the supposed text-er, I was ok & deemed that an acceptable piece of arse to get caught up with. Rihanna may be dope but Keisha look like she got that snapper. Plus, it’s Hollywood, the land where every one is immoral & cheats. If he’s lucky enough to have his needs satiated by two out of this world redbones, I ain’t mad in the least.

But this chick? I wouldn’t even fingerpop her using DJ Paul’s little arm.

Personally, I’ve never really had it in for MILFs. Not my cup of tea I tell you. Old chicks are like socks with the elastic worn out. You know how you can have a certain pair of socks & god forbid your pants leg ride up? They may be okay for trampling around the house but you don’t want anybody to see you with those faded things in public. They may feel comforting but in most cases they’re used up past their prime and don’t stay tight.

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