OJ Da Juiceman – “Mathematics”

01.28.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

oj da juiceman mathmatics

Something’s wrong here.

That’s all I kept thinking as I listened to OJ Da Juiceman’s latest, “Mathmatics,” while staring at the artwork. It’s not that the song is bad because it’s standard OJ: simplistic lines about flippin’ bricks and servin’ junkies out of one of Atlanta’s infamous zones. His content’s growth has been stunted but who the hell thought Juice was going to grow past that?

That wasn’t just it though because I already know what I’m getting into before pressing play.You know the motto, don’t go to McD’s expecting a well cooked steak. I welcome “Mathematics” honestly as a break from wordplay-heavy rappidy rap. But that was just it.

When I copied and pasted the song title as spelled on the cover art, the culprit showed its ugly face via a squiggly red line. “Mathmatics” may have been a strong suit for Bouldercrest’s baby boy, but spelling obviously wasn’t.

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