Those Your Old Droog-Nas Comparisons Won’t Stop With “Free Turkey”

07.07.14 4 years ago 30 Comments

Your Old Droog - Free Turkey

“I found peace in taking down these imaginary boundaries…”

Whether he is or isn’t Nas is probably tabled for the time being. Until both Young Old Droog are photographed together or, better yet, videotaped rhyming together, most people are still going to assume Droog is nothing more than Nas playing multiple roles like Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor.

What matters most is the music itself and Droog making good by harnessing the attention sent his way by dropping first his free EP and now a new track, “Free Turkey.” He plays off a beat that sounds so close to “One Love” that it won’t do anything to lessen comparisons and bigging up The Jerky Boys as “all you young motherf***ers that’s the era you missed” won’t help either.

But his rhymes? “My flow’s water, yours is milk, that’s why we skim through it” and “Bitch was so wet, she made a soup in my Lexus” Slick enough to make one think that Nas could’ve written them. But if it isn’t Nasir, then Droog may be that one emcee ready to handle whatever crowns and titles God’s Son has amassed over the years.

Listen to track below while the conspiracy continues.

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